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Day Spa in Lewisville, TX offering an array of services from Facials, Microdermabrasions, Dermafiling, Dermaplaning, Photo Light Therapy, Microcurrent, Peels, Professional Teeth Whitening, Waxing, Eyelash Extensions, Eyelash Tabbing, Lash & Brow Tinting and Makeup Application.


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Nature's Energizer...the Spark that lights the Fire!

Maricela Fortuna

Skin needs are different throughout the hot summer months. Whether it be rosacea, acne, hyperpigmentation, sensitive, traumatized, and post sun exposure skin. Physical sunscreens are a given, but reducing thermal heat is a must. Rhonda Allison’s Sea Gems protects the skin from over heating through its unique thermal heat-reducing ingredient Thermus Thermophilus Ferment. While also stimulating the mitochondria and assisting in the production of ATP, providing antioxidants to skin tissue, resulting in a healthier more vibrant skin. 

ATP is a common abbreviation for Adenosine Triphosphate and is considered to be a coenzyme. ATP can be found in the folds of the mitochondrion (the battery of the cell), of all cells and is often referred to as “nature’s energizer” or the spark that lights the fire. It triggers cellular metabolism and without its presence, cells have no way to repair, reproduce, or function. The more folds (cristae) the mitochondrion membrane has, the more ATP it can produce. 

When it comes to fibroblasts (skin cells that produce collagen), ATP is absolutely necessary in order for fibroblasts to produce. ATP also plays a role in the deterioration and replacing of damaged skin, whose presence often is the reason for signs of aging. Keep your skin calm, cool, and collect the benefits of Rhonda Allison's Sea Gems.