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Day Spa in Lewisville, TX offering an array of services from Facials, Microdermabrasions, Dermafiling, Dermaplaning, Photo Light Therapy, Microcurrent, Peels, Professional Teeth Whitening, Waxing, Eyelash Extensions, Eyelash Tabbing, Lash & Brow Tinting and Makeup Application.

Product Lines

Revive Skin Therapy is PROUD to present our new skincare line!  The results from using our line will AMAZE you!

We place quality above everything in our product line! Our research and development seeks only the best for our products. Only high quality botanical and naturally derived ingredients were used. Our skincare line is 100% FREE of Paraben, Sulfate or Sulfate derivatives, harsh detergents, fillers, animal derived ingredients, phosphates, or any dangerous substitutes.  And they were never tested on animals.  At Revive Skin Therapy, we care about YOU, the environment, and about animals. 

The key ingredients are carefully selected based upon research demonstrating true efficacy.  Natural herbal extracts and aromatherapy essential oils are blended with water-based emulsions to provide results. No sensitizing fragrances are used. 

Viktoria DeAnn Pepti-Series

Peptides are natural biological messages, produced by the body, in order to communicate necessary tasks to be performed.  Peptides are your body’s language and communication network.  Each peptide, or message, is composed of a specific order of amino acids (the same building blocks of protein).  There are many different amino acids and therefore millions of different combinations or messages that can be made out of them. It is best to think of amino acids like the English alphabet.  Alone the letters (amino acids) are just letters, but once you start combining them in a specific combination, they become words, and then words become whole sentences (peptides) which can then communicate an exact message.  Some of those messages can promote healthy skin through initiating collagen production or another message to relax facial muscle contracts to help soften wrinkles.
As skin ages it loses the message to replenish itself at the proper rate.  Damage from the environment slows cell turnover rate, causing the dead cells on the surface (stratum corneum) to accumulate and become thicker reducing moisture, nourishment, and protection from within, producing rough unhealthy skin. The ultra violet (UV) rays from the sun, increase pigmentation and damage to skin cells, resulting in age spots and freckles.  Collagen and elastin, which is the structure that holds the skin together, start to break down causing it to lose its firmness and resilience.  Peptides allow the skin's cellular function and skin renewal cycle to become optimized and renewed, which replaces the upper thick dead skin cells.  Rejuvenation of the dermis helps to renew and smooth the skin's surface.  Renewal of the stratum corneum also helps reduce the appearance of uneven pigmentation and freckles, while healthy Collagen and Elastin promote firm, youthful skin.


Rhonda Allison

Since 1990, Rhonda Allison Clinical Enterprises has successfully grown into a professional skin care company with no dyes, artificial coloring, or artificial fragrances in their formulas. Essential oils and the scent of plant extracts are the aroma of the product. All preservatives are essential oils, plant-derived, or safe, FDA-approved ingredients.

During a time when little was known about cosmeceutical skin care, Rhonda Allison was perfecting the process of skin peeling, creating unique formulas with blends of naturally derived ingredients. In 1992, after many years of education and collaboration with medical doctors and biochemists, experimentation, and trial and error, and because of her passion for results- driven skin care and her uncanny ability to develop superior acid formulas, Rhonda Allison Clinical Enterprises was born and continues to offer cutting-edge products and services.



GrandeLASH-MD is a clinically tested lash and brow enhancing serum. Engineered with vitamins, peptides and amino acids, plus conditioning ingredients to promote shiny, lush & longer-looking lashes and brows.  Proven results within 4-6 weeks, results may vary. Expect full results within 3 months.